Teen Protester Tweets About Assault, Goes Missing Then Found Dead

A 19-year-old Nigerian Black Lives Matter protester Oluwatoyin Salau has been found dead days after she tweeted of being assaulted and went missing.

News reports indicate that the Tallahassee Police Department found two bodies that they did not reveal the identities of.

However, a close friend to the late “Toyin”, identified on Twitter as Ashley (@laurecapri)  revealed that one of the bodies was hers.

She tweeted the update as a follow up of her initial tweet after Toyin went missing. In the tweet, she was appealing to anyone who had seen her or had any information regarding her to come forward.

Oluwatoyin Salau
Oluwatoyin Salau at a past event, Photo Courtesy

“She’s been missing since last Friday since she left me and my friends. Last time she was last sighted was at the BL Perry Library on Saturday then after that we haven’t seen her. If you know any info please contact me because I’m helping her mom. She’s somewhere on the south side,” Ashley’s tweet reads.


Oluwatoyin went missing on June 6, the very day she tweeted a thread about how a man sexually abused her.

In her words, the man was black and disguised as a man of God who wanted to help her as she has poor vision.






She went on to narrate that she left wearing her abuser’s clothes and without any of her belongings.

Even after she managed to call the police, she was unable to direct them to the man’s house due to her poor sight.

The case has been listed as a homicide and investigations are underway.



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