The 10 African Countries With The Highest Monthly Salaries

It’s another month end and many people across Africa are looking forward to receiving their salaries.

Congratulations! You’ve worked hard and earned your pay, or so we believe.

Well, we figured this is perhaps the perfect time to do a little comparison of the average salary across the continent, with focus on the top 10 countries with the highest average salaries.


To do this, we are using stats made available by Salary Explorer, a notable salary comparison and career resources website.

Before we proceed, it’s important to note that average salaries are calculated using feedback provided by respondents. In other words, researchers add salary samples gotten from the field from respondents together, then divide by the number of respondents.

At the end, “the average salary is a good indicator in general but it does not tell the whole story,” Salary Explorer explained.

Now, keep reading to see whether your country made it to the top ten of African countries with the highest average monthly salaries.

1. Morocco:

According to Salary Explorer, the average monthly salary in Morocco is DH19,400. When converted to the dollar, this would be approximately $2,031.

2. South Africa:

The second African country where workers earn the highest average monthly salary is South Africa. The average salary per month in this country range from ZAR31,100, which is approximately $2,026.

3. Tunisia:

This North African country has the third highest average salary on the continent as workers reported taking home an average salary of TND 3,910 which converts to $1,348.

4. Kenya:

People working in Kenya earn an average monthly income of Sh147,000 which converts to 1,291.

5. Algeria:

Algerians earn an average monthly salary of DZD180,000 which converts to $1,273.

6. Namibia:

Workers in Namibia earn an average salary of ND17,400 which converts to $1,168.

7. Botswana:

People working in Botswana earn an average salary of BWP11,700. That converted to approximately $1000 per month as at the time of filing this report.

8. Nigeria:

The average salary in Africa’s most populous and largest economy (by GDP) is N339,000 per month. When converted to the dollar, this would be $814.

9. Ghana:

People working in Ghana earn an average salary of GHS5,070 which converted to $747.99 as at the time of filing this report.

10. Uganda:

In Uganda, the average salary is UGX 2,620, 000 which would convert to $738 per month.


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