These Traditional Ga Mashi Songs Were Made To Help You Clear Your Mind

Before “Akwasi Broni” stepped foot on the shores of Ghana, we were performing brain surgery and had our own ways of healing those who were mentally deranged.

Our forefathers had special songs they believed were good to give one a sound mind and these songs were specially composed for mental therapy which today, the world is discovering that music can heal those who are mentally disturbed.

Some musicians from Ga Mashi who goes by the name “Musicians of the Otu In Ga Mashi” had some of these old songs recorded and here are a few we wish to share with you, which you can purchase on iTunes or Google Play store.

1. Akroma: Priest Solo Singing/Dance

2. Blase(Style)

3. Kpele Blase(Style)

4. Anomakwatse

5. Blase

6. Ano makwatse 

7. Gemi Kwekwe(Dukewe Sacicey/Fio)

8. Obamlan Drum & Bell: Kpanlogo-ga 


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