Why You Need a Daily Dose of Bone Soup

Did you know that the real taste of meat lies in its bones?

Whereas many Kenyans consume bone soup regularly, some do not know just how much justice they are doing themselves by letting the broth go way past the gut.

This article isn’t only about lactating mothers and manual labourers at construction sites. You sure need it too.

Here are five reasons why you should invest in bone soup:

  • The healing effect

If you are struggling with a dull skin, you obviously should do something different. Do not just buy steak and matumbo. Add some oxtail. Cow leg soup? Even better! You need some glow.

The collagen in slow-cooked meat and bones will keep your skin firm and just to the perfect elasticity.

  • Prevent joint complications

Allow your body to soak in Magnesium, Calcium and Phosphorous.

A cup of some delicious soup a day will give you stronger joints. You don’t want them snapping at the slightest turn.

  • Build a healthy immune system

Experts say that bones have a high concentration of minerals and other important nutrients. This is one way you can help your body develop a stronger immunity against diseases.

  • Boost appetite

Soups are generally great appetizers.

  • Improve sexual performance

Science says that any food that contributes to a healthy kidney is definitely supportive of a great sexual act. Bone soup is not an exception.

Word on the street is that a camel’s bone soup does the magic for men.

Camel soup bones, Source: Nyama Tamu

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