Yaa Atw33 is gradually becoming a social media sensation, thanks to her “superb grammar” of the Queen’s language.

These are some few we gathered and believe will make your day. Here you are, Yaa Atw33 slaying the English language like nobody’s business.


1. The day she felt horny and wanted someone to take her to the beach.


2. When she decided not to mind someone who tried to correct her.


3. The day she requested to get more followers on Twitter.


4. When she tried to explain to us how she blushes even as a dark girl


5. The night she couldn’t sleep and needed a massage


6. When she decided to wish a happy new year in advance to her love ones


7. The day she decided to praise God


8. When she warned someone off her TL for thinking he was a better person than her.


9. Not happy about someone trying to correct her


10. When she tried explaining the dynamics of physics


11. The day the harmattan was not favouring her.


12. When she tried to remind us that we can’t judge her


13. When she made it clear she has better things to think of.


14. Finally, she’s beginning to get fed up with twitter