Controversial Podcaster Says Women Having Instagram Account While In A Relationship Is Cheating

A podcaster has come under fire for claiming that a woman having an Instagram account is the same as ‘cheating’ on her partner.

Myron Gaines from the Fresh & Fit podcast made the comments during a recent episode, in which he also said that ‘for women, attention is like sex for men’.

Women Having Instagram While In A Relationship Is Cheating

Listen, mate, some of us just like posting photos of our pets, okay?

During the podcast, Gaines said:

“I think if you’re in a serious relationship with a girl, she should not have an Instagram – that’s cheating.

“In my opinion, I think a woman having an Instagram is 100 percent cheating, especially if she has scantily clad photos of herself on the internet and she’s not making money off it, which a lot of women tend to do.

“If you have Instagram just for attention, you know what I’m saying? And I think for women, attention is like sex for men. So, you know, women love attention from the opposite gender and if you’ve got a serious relationship with a girl and she still has a ‘for sale’ sign on her neck, I think that’s very disrespectful.”

In the background, Gaines’ female guest on the podcast looked shocked by his comments with her jaw dropped several times as he spoke.

As you can imagine, Gaines’ – somewhat bizarre – opinion hasn’t gone down well online.

After a clip of the podcast was shared by TikTok account @moneytips – that regularly re-shares viral videos – comments flooded in from people who were left feeling slightly baffled by his opinion.

One person said: “Real question. Has he ever been in a relationship? I want him to get in one, just to see how outta pocket this thought process is.”

Another wrote: “This HAS to be a parody.”

A third TikTok user commented: “Never seen someone embody a red flag so perfectly.”

@moneytips.ukDo you agree?

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