This Ghanaian Couple Who Met In A WhatsApp Group Are Set To Marry

The founder of Fotogbey, Eugene Affum, is set to tie the knot with his long-time girlfriend, who is a member of a group he created on WhatsApp.

The pair are the latest love story of the power of social media in bringing two people on a path leading to marriage.


On Thursday, December 9, a Ghanaian social media influencer, known popularly as Nänä Teä, shared the pre-wedding photos of Eugene Affum and his would-be-wife on Facebook.

Nänä Teä recounted how other members got married through Eugene’s Whatsapp group.

”He [Eugene Affum] created it for fun, but I can boldly count about four weddings that took place in that group within a space of four years after creation,” he said.

Now the CEO himself is also taking a bold step by marrying one of his members,” says Nana Tea.

According to him, Eugene is a photographer by profession, and the bride-to-be is a make-up artist. Many people who reacted to the love story and the would-be couple’s pre-wedding photos celebrated the duo.


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