We just went to the polls to elect a new President.

There are various type of voters in Ghana and here are the different types we “collated” after the 2016 elections.

1. The Silent Majority

These are the types of voters who strongly belong to a particular party but will never reveal their affiliation. From their submissions, you can never tell which party they belong to but when it’s time for voting, they come out in their numbers and they are the voters that always surprise politicians.

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2. The Determiners

These are the types of voters who are not affiliated to any party and only vote based on affection and how they feel about a particular party. They check their living their status before they vote, they don’t care about any party and can swing to any part at any time.

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3. The Die-Hard Members

These are party fanatics and they vote because they love the party and don’t care whether the government from that party is performing or not.

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4. The Obsessed Voters

The obsessed voters are almost like the die-hard members but theirs is more rooted than the die-hard members. They actually share a long history with the party and sometimes they don’t even know why they vote for the party. If you ask them, they will tell you their great grandfather was a member of the party and so was their grandfather and father and that’s their reason for voting for the party, nothing else. These type of voters never change affiliation no matter what.

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5. The Indecisive Voters

These voters don’t even know what’s going on in the country. They are usually young and know nothing about the economy or probably being taken care of by somebody so do not really know the impact of governance in their lives. Because of this, they do not join any party and so whenever it’s election time, they don’t really know who to vote and are easily convinced.

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6. The Fresh Blood Voters

These are those who just turned 18 years in the year of voting. Some mostly fall under the indecisive voters.

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7. The Rich Voters

These are the rich people in the country who do not really care about which party wins because it will have little or no impact on them and so are not bothered about the outcome. They mostly don’t even have voter’s ID. They vote just for voting sake.

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8. The Burger Voters

These are Ghanaians living abroad who have affection for a particular party in the country and so will spend their last penny to travel down to vote for the party. Sometimes, they don’t even know what’s happening in the country but because of their affiliation to a party, they’ll still come to vote.



9. The Crowd Followers

These are voters who also fall under indecisive voters and when it gets to the point where they really have to make a decision, they decide to play the Russian roulette with it. They decide to go with the party with the largest crowd.


10. Sentimental voters

These voters can make their decision based on how one person from the government treats them. So let’s say he’s insulted by an MP or even feels insulted by a party, that ends it, that party has lost his vote forever.

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11. The Stomach Direction Voters

These voters sell their votes to the highest bidder but they can never be trusted. They can make their decision but still play along with the other parties just to make some money.


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