The ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ text message won’t cut it this year.

Ladies already know you guys are pulling away because Valentine’s Day is approaching. Hinting at your brokenness at every opportunity.

If you want to keep bae, please follow these simple gift rules.

Here are all the Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will really put you in a comfortable lead.

1. Chocolate



2. iPhone 7


3. Designer Bag

Snake Skin bags

Images by Instagram/ Yunizaa


4. Watch

Image: Kipfashion


5. Necklace & Earrings

Image: Pinterest/Ellie


6. Designer Purse

Image: UrbanKnit


7. Shoes


8. Brazilian Hair

Black hair art

Image: ThirstyRoots


9. Lingerie




10. Spa Voucher

Young woman having body wrap in beauty parlour, elevated view


11. Teddy Bear


12. Designer Perfume


13. Books

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