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When we mention toothpick, the only thing that comes to mind is a piece of stick nicely shaped to pick stuff out of your teeth after eating and that’s it.

Well, you’re very wrong. The toothpick has many other innovative uses that solve various problems in the home and here are 20 of them.

1. Microwaving A Potato.

Do you want to microwave a potato but you’re worried the potato might ruin your microwave plate, then the simple way you can do this is to get yourself some toothpicks and stick them in the potato in the form of a stand and place them in the microwave and it will come out just fine.


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2. Making Nice Designs On Your Nail Polish.

So you’re applying nail polish and you want to add some artwork to it, the toothpick comes in handy. Apply different colors of nail polish and use the toothpick to create patterns with the color. You can even create the Ghana flag on your fingernail with your nail polish by using a toothpick.

nail polish

Photo: Havibun


3. Filling Nail Holes.

Did you just pull out a nail from your wooden structure or table and it left a hole in it? Simple, just grab hold of a toothpick, dip it into superglue and push it into the hole, break off the excess and get a sandpaper and give it a nice finish and you’re done.

nail hole

Photo: PrettyHandyGirl


4. Flower Pot Sand Clogged.

Is the sand in your flower pot clogged and the water can’t sip through? Just get a toothpick and dip it in the sand punching holes in it and that does it. You can water and the water will sip through easily.

flower pot

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5. Cellotape Marker.

Do you always have problems locating the edge of your cellotape after using it? Then grab a toothpick and use it to hold the tip and it will serve as a marker and help you locate the tip of your cellotape everytime.

cellotape toothpick

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6.  Sticking Things Together.

You can use it to stick a lot of things together, like creating little pieces of love with food. It works perfectly like a nut.

Buhari Sprinkling Meme

Image: Mhagayr/Twitter


7. Thread Shank.

You want to sew a button but you don’t want to thread it so tight it becomes difficult running it through the button hole. Just stick a toothpick over the button whiles you sew it. After everything, remove the toothpick and your button will be just tight enough to go through the hole without any difficulty.


Photo: YouTube


8. Cleaning Hairbrushes.

Ladies, your hair is stuck in all the hairbrushes and you find it gross, why don’t you get to work by cleaning it then? The easiest and simplest way of doing this is using a toothpick.

hair brush

Photo: AThriftyMrs


9. Cleaning Nooks And Crevices.

You’re doing your general cleaning and there are places you can’t reach to clean, for example, the spaces in between your tiles, why don’t you get yourself a toothpick and get in there to clean?


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10. Get Stuff Out Your Fingernails.

If you do some dirty work and you get things stuck in your fingernails, that’s when the toothpick comes in handy.

Genevieve Nnaji nails 7

Image: GenevieveNnaji/Instagram


11. Easily Get A Thread Through Beads.

You’re trying to craft beads and you’re having a problem getting it through the hole, just tie the thread to the other end of a toothpick and firmly pass it through the beads and you will be good to go.

Photo: Going2Ghana/Blogspot


12. Art.

If you’re an art painter, then you will understand how good a toothpick can come in use. You can use it to do some nice designs on your painting that no brush can give.

Art by Godwin Okpocha

Image Source: Godwin Okpocha/Instagram


13. Press Reset Buttons On Gadgets.

If you’re a repairer you will understand this more, especially with phones. Sometimes, it’s difficult getting to some reset buttons and that’s when the toothpick comes in handy. And so whenever you visit a repairer and you always see toothpicks around, it is not meant for the teeth, it’s meant for resets.

toothpick reset

Photo: LifeDaily


14. Helps Quit Smoking.

This might come as a surprise but according to research, chewing on toothpick helps with nicotine withdrawal. It tricks your mind to believe you’re still smoking when in fact, it is just a toothpick. So if you’re a smoker and want to quit really bad, kindly grab some toothpick and start chewing on it.


Photo: MensXP


15. Style Up Your Hair.

Ladies, you might want to pay attention here. You can use toothpicks as rollers to create very small rolls when styling your hair. You never thought of this right?


Photo: PrincessHairstyles


16. Test Foods.

You’re cooking yam and you want to be sure if it is well cooked, why poke your fingers in them when you can use a toothpick to do that? When you poke with your fingers, two things happen, you are contaminating the food and also burning yourself.


17. Designing Cakes.

If you’re a cake designer, you will understand us better. There are some arts on cakes that can be done with a toothpick to give it that effect you need. It can also be used to do some light writings on the cake and it will come out perfect.

toothpick cake

Photo: BuzzFeed


18. Works Perfect As A Food Handle.

This you might be very familiar with but it is not just for picking light fruits on a plate, it can be used to pick virtually every other savouries without dirtying your hands, including chicken. So instead of using a tissue to pick your chicken nuggets, you can use a toothpick.


Photo: ElizabethAnneDesigns


19. Prevent Food From Boiling Over.

Just slip a toothpick beneath the lid to allow a little bit of air to escape to prevent pressure from mounting and making the food boil over.


Photo: KimchiKristy

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