In every Ghanaian office environment, there are various characters you’ll meet.

Some are pleasant and others not too pleasant but you have to deal with them anyways. Below are 18 characters you’ll find in every office. Which one relates to you?

1. The Gossip.

Talk of gossip and this person takes it without a doubt. They have information about the latest office romance, salary, new recruitments, suspensions, dismissals, who is pregnant, who got dumped, who has slept with some top person for a position etc. They are always seen with other workers talking about these issues and always sparking feuds between colleagues.

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2. The Talkative.

Put this worker in an enclosed area and they’ll still find a way to make their voices heard. No matter how their colleagues complain, they just don’t listen. They are always talking about one thing or the other and will never shut up even when colleagues ask them to. If there’s any argument in the office, you’re sure to find them involved.

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3. The Whinner.

They always have something to complain about. The air conditioner is too high, it’s too low, salaries are inadequate, lighting is bad, chair is not supportive enough, someone is talking too much, the place is too quiet etc. Every single thing is an issue for this person.

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4. Attention Seeker.

They’ll do everything to get attention in the office. From having on the latest fashion accessory and showing it off, to putting on perfume that consumes the whole office. Wearing heels that make noise on the floor, to trying to make it look like they are the only ones working. Anything to get them noticed, they won’t allow that opportunity to pass.


5. The Pleaser.

Their only goal in the office is to please mostly their superiors. They can also fall in the category of #4, the only difference is that they do not do it for only attention but favour as well.

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6. Managers Pet.

In every office, you’ll find one worker who is overly loved by a manager. Irrespective of their position, the manager relies on them for one task or the other. They also offer information about their colleagues to the manager, making them more like spies for the manager and this is the reason why the manager likes them.

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7. The Disrespectful Worker.

One person who shows no respect to anybody, be it a colleague or a superior. They are always ready to verbally abuse anyone who crosses their path. You can never go scot free if you step on their toes. Many at times, such individuals are females who have sexual relations with some top people in the organisation and they know that no matter what, they’ll walk free due to the influence of that top man.

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8. The Holy One.

As soon as they come to the office, they pray. Throughout the day, you’ll find them singing gospel tunes and at certain times, reading their Bible. These people do not engage in dubious deals in the office or activities that will foment trouble. They are always peacemakers.

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9. The Womaniser.

Every office has this male worker who is always with the females. He is known to be a casanova in the office and it’s mostly an open secret the females he’s slept with in the office. Whenever a new lady joins the organisation, they’ll try to get close to see if they have a chance.

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10. Early Bird.

You aways wonder the time these people leave home for the office. Unless they are sick and had to pass by the clinic, they always report to work early and they do this consistently every day. There is no single day that they’ll come to the office late, they are always there mostly an hour before official reporting time.


11. Late Comer.

They are the opposite of #10. No matter what day it is or what the weather condition is, they’ll always find a way to come to work late. They are people who may have received several queries but that hasn’t changed them in any way.


12. Music Lover.

They are always playing music on their computers or phones. Other times, they’ll have their earpiece in their ears listening to their music as they work. They are always the source of latest songs for their colleagues. If they engage in any argument, it’ll be about music.

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13. Foodie.

These are workers who come to work with their breakfast or will step out for breakfast before starting their day. Once it’s lunch time, they’ll be the first to step out. In situations where they go with their friends, they’ll be the one to practically pull everyone out of the office for lunch. They don’t play with their food at all.

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14. The Methuselah.

There’s always that one person who has been at a particular organisation the longest. They’ve seen several people walk in and walk out. They always feel like the gods of the office and because of that, demand respect from everyone due to the fact that they’ve been there the longest.

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15. The Friendly One.

They relate well with everyone in the office. You won’t find them angry or fighting anyone.

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16. The Counselor.

They are seen as being intelligent and knowledgeable so when there’s an issue, they are the ones everyone consults. Their advice is mostly taken and applied to the letter. They may mostly be elderly people.


17. The Alcoholic.

No matter the time of day, they’ll be reeking of alcohol. Their signature act is chewing of gum.

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18. The Lovers.

Most companies do not allow relationships in the office but some workers do it cunningly in the guise of friendship. Such workers are mostly found going for lunch together, going home together and spending any little time around each other’s desks. They are also flirty towards each other but they’ll still say they are just friends.

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