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The Silverbird Cinema has become a very serene environment for most people.

It’s a place to watch movies but trust us, not everyone who visits the place came there purposely for movies.

Below are different people who visit the Silverbird Cinema.

1. The Guy Trying To Nail A Girl.

Lately, most guys propose a movie date with girls they want to nail. They normally opt for movies after 7pm, which means the movies end around 9pm or 11pm which gives them an opportunity to coerce the ladies into going home with them since it wouldn’t be safe for them to go home at that time. Plus, the cozy nature of the cinema also allows them to touch the ladies while the movie is ongoing. They also take advantage of the cold nature of the rooms which make the ladies feel cold, to draw them closer for some warmth. Afa!!!!

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2. The First Daters.

This is gradually taking over the regular restaurant or pub dating thingy. A lot of people opt for movies on their first date. This comes after having a drink or two or they get pop corn, buy coke and just go to the movie room to have some alone time. They normally go early and get the opportunity to talk before the movie starts.


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3. The Bad Boy/Girl.

I’ve been at the Silverbird Cinema a lot of times and encountered couple who are just busy doing their own thing. From kissing to touching each other to the real act. They take advantage of the dark nature of the place plus the private arrangement of the seats by the walls to do their own thing. This is better than going to rent a room which costs much higher than two movie tickets right? Plus, they also get to watch the movie too. Talk of killing two birds with one stone.

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4. The Hider.

People with multiple partners normally opt for movies with their partners to evade prying eyes or prevent the situation of meeting someone who knows them. They come in, quickly get their tickets for the exact time and enter the theatre which is always dark.


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5. The Movie Gang.

These are those who love movies and wouldn’t miss an opportunity to come watch some of the latest movies at the cinema. They are there almost every weekend.

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6. The Dadabee.

These are normally rich guys who just love the whole idea of driving all the way from home to the mall just to watch a movie with his baes. Whether it’s the premiere of a local movie or the first showing of an international movie, they’ll always come with their partners to watch.

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7. Premiere Kings And Queens.

These people only go to the cinema when there’s a premiere. This is simply because they get to see all the stars and then update their social media pages with the news. They also get the opportunity to take photos with some of their favorite stars.


8. The One With A Discount Ticket.

Who doesn’t want a discount? The discount is normally half the actual price. They won’t miss an opportunity to get a discount ticket which is normally given online.




9. The One With A Free Ticket.

They normally get these as gifts for purchasing something or they get it from promotions. Some also get it from friends. In the case of a premiere, they get it from industry players. This is the only time they visit the Silverbird Cinema to watch a movie.

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10. Those Seeking A Distraction.

There are people who have so much on their mind they just need a distraction away from all their trouble and they see the cinema as the best atmosphere for it. These people normally come in after work during the week. They can buy tickets for two movies so technically they spend almost 4 hours at the place before going home.


11. Couple.

The favorite hangout spot for most couple. It’s cozy, it’s serene and presents the best atmosphere for some intimacy.

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