Like Ghanaian rapper Asem will say, “school dey bee but class dey bore”.

Teachers are the most significant people in school due to the fact that they teach and have control over the students.

There are, however, different types of teachers we all encounter in school and below are 10 of them.

1. The smiling and kind teacher.

This teacher is loved by everyone. They are always smiling and they have a kind heart. This is the kind of teacher who rarely canes students. The one who’ll plead when a student goes wrong and is going to be punished. Most schools have at least one of such teachers.


2. The smiling but hard teacher.

This teacher is the opposite of #1. They smile a lot but very hard when it comes to disciplining students. Once you go wrong, he’ll punish you still smiling. They are the teachers who cane you and still smile and make jokes about it while in the process.



3. The Caner.

This teacher is noted for delivering very painful lashes. Even when something isn’t in his class or doesn’t involve him, he’ll be called to deliver the lashes just because he’s an expert. If you receive lashes from this teacher, trust me, you’ll never be the same again.


4. The homework teacher.

This teacher is not really loved by students because anytime he or she comes to the class, they’ll deliver what students dread most, homework. I mean we come to school and spend the whole day learning, can’t we have some time to ourselves at home too?


5. The class test teacher.

Just like the homework teacher, this teacher is so fixated on class test. Anytime they come to the class and they are done with their lesson for the day, they’ll organise a test. Sometimes they even organise tests before they start teaching for the day. So not cool.

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6. The business teacher.

The business teacher sells practically anything;¬†toffees, biscuits, , cake, pie, pamphlets etc. The annoying aspect of this whole deal is that sometimes students are practically forced to buy them. It’s also given on credit where students pay in instalments.


7. The sleeping teacher.

Even though this teacher doesn’t help students with knowledge acquisition, they are loved because their period means students can have more fun in class while they sleep. They’ll teach for some few minutes and spend the rest of their period sleeping. Normally, to do this, they’ll put out a question on the board and ask students to discuss. Great ploy to have some sleeping time right?

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8. The no-show teacher.

This teacher will come to class about three times throughout the term. Their periods are normally indirect free periods because they won’t show and students just love it. Surprisingly they’ll show up just before exams and treat just about three topics for the exams and that’s it.



9. The regular teacher.

The exact opposite of #8. Whether rain or shine, they’ll show up in class. On days that you feel they won’t come because it’s raining heavily, you’ll be surprised to see them coming. They won’t miss their class for anything. Even when they are not too well, they’ll come to class, give out notes to the class prefect to dictate while they sit watching, not sleeping.

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10. The always quarrelling teacher.

This teacher quarrels with everybody from students to teachers. They sometimes even have issues with the head of the school and these are all done in public. They are feared by all because they won’t waste a minute to descend on you if you cross them.

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