Ghanaian mothers are the best and the kind of things they do is what makes them the best.

They don’t play ball like other mothers in foreign countries, for instance, it is only a Ghanaian mother who will see you cut your finger and still lash you on top and lament about how she told you not to touch the blade…smh!!

Well! we are sure some of you might not believe us, so check out random tweets from Ghanaians describing Ghanaian mothers and they are funny AF.


1. This tweet pretty muchΒ sums upΒ everything about Ghanaian mothers.


2. Seriously, a Ghanaian mother can hate a character in a movie like for real.

3. When a Ghanaian mother tries to hit you, you dare not block oh!

4. Yeah! All the time, you dey do yourself.


5. For real, they can tease ankasa…


6. How will I remember her, I just got into the world.


7. Hahahahahahaha…


8. All the time.


9. Mood killers…


10. To them, they don’t shout oh!


11. They don’t even know where do that on the phone.


12. The don’t just snap, they’ll beat you on top.


13. Yeah! They always have a clap back for you.


14. They don’t spare any opportunity to hype their kids.


15. For real, you can’t…


16. On point.


17. You’re always a child to them irrespective of your age.


18. They don’t play with their praise and worship songs.


19. They make it look like you’re going to hell…..smh!


20. I just don’t get them sometimes.


21. The common mantra in every Ghanaian child’s home.


22. Yeah! They can lash you with their tongue.


23. That one, don’t go there oh!

24. You don’t wanna shop with a Ghanaian mother.


25. You don’t try that on a Ghanaian mother.


26. Prayers, a Ghanaian mothers weapon.


27. Yeah! That is painful AS.


28. Bam!!


29. Like WTF!!!


30. They always have something new….lol

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