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Time, they say flies. You might love something today, tomorrow, it’s no more around.

Our television experience was wonderful back in the day with some awesome TV programmes that we never missed. Unfortunately, they are no more on our screens but trust us, we yearn to have them back.

Here are 18 shows most Ghanaians wish to have back on their screens.

1. Cosby Show

You remember the Tv show about Bill Cosby and his “family”? It was a never missed show.


2. Key Soap Concert Party

A comedy show which was held at the National Theatre and televised for Ghanaians. It had so much laughter no one wanted to miss it. It brought us Santo, Judas, late Katawere, Kyeiwaa, Mercy Asiedu, Agya Koo, late Bob Okala, late Nkomode and many more.


3. Things We Do For Love

Who wanted to miss Pusher’s mischief? or BB’s pop mouth?


4. Inspector Bediako

Our very own CSI series. It was beautifully made and we loved it. Bring it back already.

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5. Taxi Driver

Master Richard the egoistic car owner and TT affable driver. Taxi driver was the ish back then.


6. Power Rangers

Go, Go power rangers.


7. Knight Rider

The man with the remote controlled car.


8. By The Fire Side

One of the nicest ways of telling folktales brought right to us on television. We couldn’t have enough of the witty, clever, greedy and envious Kweku Ananse.


9. Kyekyekule

Kidiboobs and kidibabs……awwwwwwwwww

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10. Journey To The West

Piishaa, Wokon, Bajii etc. We even missed church because of this programme. When is it coming back on our screens?


11. Oshin

This Japanese series was the bomb.


12. Akan Drama

From Obra to Osofo Dadzie and the others.


13. Touched By An Angel


14. It Takes Two

It’s back on our screens but the format has been changed. One segment that we loved with the old one was the charades.


15. Captain Planet

Who doesn’t love captain planet the universes environmental?


16. Home Sweet Home

It was a must watch.


17. Passions

Timmy and his witch mother kept us glued to our sets for this TV programme.


18. Charmed

The three charming sisters with superpowers.


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