10 Traits Every Nigerian Can Relate To

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Our beloved country Nigeria! The going is always tough, but Nigerians are tougher!

If you can relate to this post, congratulations! you’re a typical Nigerian!

Take your L in peace! LOL!


An average Nigerian hustle really hard to make a living, most times the resources gotten aren’t enough to settle the needs on the ground. Working hard is all we’ve ever known *country hard*

Ability to adapt to any condition, especially the bad ones

Yeah! The late iconic Nigerian musician ”Fela” said Nigerians are ”suffering and smiling” Well, enough said! Las las we would all be fine! *we locomote!*

nigerian proverb

 Street Smart

Nigerians are very smart people and most use their abilities negatively *sad* Only a few use it for a good cause.

Anyway, if person chop you na because say you loose guard!

think meme

Quick on feet

We are always on the move, those that walk sluggishly get yelled at all the time.

Also to avoid stories that touch, we are always in ”flight mode” in case ”kasala” bust, we gats JP!*

Never mind our business

Poke nosing skills are legendary! No country does it better than Nigeria!

It’s really bad in public vehicles, one minute you’re making a call or chatting and the person behind you whispers in your ear; “na wa for you o!” *SMH!*

Ask obvious questions

*Rolling my eyes as i type this*  The downside is, if you don’t answer they’ll keep asking until they hear the obvious answer *IQ draining moment*

I’ll admit, I’ve done this before tho *Blame it on the topic* Coming back from work, “Ah! are you back?!”Sees a mother and daughter, “Ah! una resemble o! Na your pikin?”


Yeah! We clean up nicely, trying not to look like our problems. Most times it is assumed that whoever looks good is “boxed” up. *Yimu! Na so!*

Excellent Negotiators

An essential skill, especially in the market place. Asking for the “last” price is necessary so you don’t buy an overpriced item, even at that the lowest price is given and the two parties work their way to a concession. *Whew! I go school abeg!*

Switch up game on a 100

Nigerians are quick to “change it” for you! One minute the individual is all bubbly and nice, a slight mistake, unwarranted jab, sometimes teasing that hits home or general “f**k up” from the other person, boom! The beast would be unleashed!

Literally goes from 0-100 real quick!

segun meme

Most won’t read this post to this point

Congratulations if you made it to this point! *one chilled zobo for you!* Most of them are too lazy to read, especially long posts *me included*

odunlade memes

Adjust yourself please and stay hooked to this platform, more premium content coming up for your reading pleasure!

*group hugs*


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