Young Africans can’t wait to be parents.

Not because they are super excited and ready, lol. They just want to carry on the African traditions of being parents and all the trouble that comes with that. Here are some traditions many Africans can’t wait to carry on:

1. Calling our kids to bring items close to us


2. Putting soup/stew inside ice cream container

Oh, the bitter disappointment many of us experienced when we came home from school to see ice cream container only to find it was soup or stew inside. Aluta continua! LMAO!

Image: RitaSpeaks


3. Claiming we always came first in school

Even the ones who earned a third class qualification from the university will claim it was a first class.



4. Replying put it on my head when your kids ask for where to put stuff

Our parents did to us and many of us are gearing up to do the same to our kids.



5. Always saying “In my own time”

Ehen! The way our parents always said in their own time like things were much better then. Many people can’t wait to say in our own time too to our kids.



6. Giving their kids a hard time when said kids want to visit friends

LMAO! We’re about to hit our kids with:

Why can’t you stay in one place? Can’t your friends come to your house? Is their house better than ours?

african parent and daughter



7. Saying stuff like “I did not kill my mother/father, so you won’t kill me”

Trust us to paint ourselves as angels the way our parents did. We can do no wrong lol.

Photo: Giphy


8. Adding moral lesson/saying after every advice

No advice is complete without adding sayings like “if you like listen, it’s your life”, “you think you’re doing me” and many more sayings which we can’t wait to use on our kids.

Image: MemeNaija


9. Saying sorry for yourself when our kids apologise

Because it is badass and an official African saying by now lol.



Guys, which of these traditions will you continue?