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1. You’re allowed to say ‘No’ to visitors

When you have a baby, a lot of people will want to visit you and the child. Nursing a new born baby is stressful, and new parents hardly get any sleep. It’s okay to refuse to entertain visitors so that you can rest.


Saying No

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2. When changing a diaper, put the clean one under the dirty one before you take it off

That way, you can avoid being pooped on, and if you have a boy, it makes it easier to prevent them from peeing all over the place.

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3. Cook in bulk and freeze it

You might not have time to cook fresh meals all the time, so it helps to have some food in the freezer.

cleaning fridge

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4. Remember to take care of yourself

It’s easy to get so caught up in taking care of the baby that you forget to take care of yourself.


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5. When you have to administer oral medication, gently blow on your baby’s face

It causes the baby to open their mouth involuntarily, and then you can put the medicine in it.


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6. Sleep when your baby sleeps

You’re probably not going to get a lot of sleep in the first few months, so whenever your baby sleeps, sleep too.


7. Let people help you

It’s tempting to want to do it all by yourself, but you should allow family members to help you with some things.



8. Don‘t go broke buying all the latest and greatest gadgets

Babies don’t need the most expensive gadgets. What they mostly need is your love, care and attention.


9. Remember that before you became parents, you were a couple

It’s so easy to forget about your spouse when the baby comes along. Make sure that you make time for your spouse. Go on dates and remember to love each other.


10. Be gentle with yourself

Take it easy with yourself. It’s a new experience and you’re bound to make mistakes. Just remember that there’s no perfect parent, and you’re doing the best for your child.