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I don’t know why women worry so much about their eyebrows. In the history of courtship, no man has ever been recorded as saying he was attracted to a woman solely because of her eyebrows. So the majority of men, including me, keep wondering why women keep overworking themselves by shaving and drawing. And what’s worse is that most women don’t end up doing it right. So here are the things a man think when he sees a woman with funny looking eyebrows.

1. What the hell?


2. Should I tell her?

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3. No, she’ll get offended, let me just keep quiet.


4. It’s okay, who am it to judge?

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5. But hers is too much.


6. I feel like laughing right now.

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7. Why did she have to do that?


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8. She’s trying too hard.

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9. Can’t her friends tell her?

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10. Why can’t women just keep their eyebrows natural?


11. If only she knew how strange she looks.

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12. I wish my friends were here to see.


13. Why did she focus on her eyebrows and ignore other important areas?

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14. No offence…but I can never date such a woman.

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15. Okay, let me just walk away.

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