This Woman Left Her Husband Of 14 Years For Her Soulmate Only To Be Rejected By Him

It takes two souls to tango.

A mom of two has been mocked on social media after revealing she left her longtime husband for a man she believed to be her “soul mate” — only for him to promptly reject her.

Amanda Trenfield has been described by critics as a “self-destructive sociopath” for writing about the emotional saga in her new book, “When A Soulmate Says No.”

soulmate divorce

An excerpt from the tome, published in the Sydney Morning Herald last week, sparked ridicule from readers who claimed the rejection was karma for the fact she had blown up her own marriage.

“She ruined her life for nothing! One of the biggest losses we’ve ever seen,” one reader quipped with glee.

In the extract, Trenfield describes an electric encounter with her so-called soul mate, which occurred while she was at a dinner party with her husband.

“As I settled into my seat, I looked up and immediately lost my breath,” Trenfield wrote. “When our eyes met there was an instant familiarity that ran deeper than water-cooler chat. These eyes had locked before. Twelve years earlier. His name was Jason. I hadn’t forgotten.”

Trenfield did not explain the circumstances under which she previously met Jason, but said that she felt an immediate attraction and soon struck up a conversation with him.

“Over the course of the evening, my attraction to Jason developed. I soon became aware of his every breath and I unconsciously mirrored his pace,” Trenfield swooned. “I caught myself, embarrassingly, looking at his chest through his slim-fitted white evening shirt. Yes, he had a fit, toned and attractive body, but was it his chest I was drawn to?”

The pair continued to drink and talk into the night, with the author insisting that her attraction to Jason only intensified as the hours went by.

“By the time the group left the restaurant late in the evening, all my senses were on high alert. It was abundantly clear that the energy between Jason and me was somehow charged,” Trenfield alleged.

The pair ended the evening with a hug, as Trenfield whispered into Jason’s ear: “This isn’t over, I need to see you again.”

“I had never felt anything like this before. I had never experienced this sensation,” she gushed. “I now know without hesitation, without question, without any doubt in my mind, my body or my heart, that the energy we experienced that evening was our souls connecting. I left [the dinner party] a different woman.”

The author continued to coo over the intoxicating experience with Jason, writing: “I knew in my heart, in my soul, in the very fabric of my being that I had profoundly changed. I couldn’t articulate the feelings, the sensations, the experience. The connectedness I experienced with Jason was at a level impossible to describe. All I knew for certain was that this one encounter, in the most unlikely of places, under the most unusual of circumstances, had dramatically altered my life.”

Less than a month later, Trenfield ended her 14-year-marriage with her husband, despite not having had any further communication with Jason since the night of the dinner party.


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