This Nairobi Man Will Pay You 20k If You Find His Lost Black Cat

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A distraught Nairobi man wants you to help him find his lost black cat.

The animal disappeared from home on the evening of Monday, June 22.

Augustine Dundos, a resident of Langata in Nairobi county has placed a KSh 20,000 reward for any person who would trace the pet.

The cat was last seen near Sailing Club in Langata on Monday, June 22.

5aa64eb8 black cat
black cat

The city resident described the pet as black in colour adding it had a black and white collar around the neck when it disappeared.

He also noted the cat often responds to her nickname, Miss Ghost or just Ghost, whenever its called.

“A pet is like a baby, you cannot just buy another one and that is why I am willing to pay that amount to any person who will get it back to me. I was emotionally attached to the cat and its rare to find that feeling in another one,”

He said in a phone interview Tuko.

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