Ghanaians Were Asked To Send “This Could Be Us” To Their Crushes And The Responses Are Just Not Encouraging

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Ghanaians on the microblogging site, Twitter have been challenged with a new task and the results so far are not encouraging.

this could be us

The task given by Twitter user @gyaigyimii¬†involves sending the above photo to their crushes and captioning it “this could be us,” and then sharing screenshots of the responses to laugh over as well as hoping to break grounds for those who are ‘gnashing.’

However, incoming results so far do not look good for the guys, it looks like the dreaded the friend zone is ours to keep.

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Wanting to know my fate, I [the writer] have sent it to five of my finest friends but my actual crush [cos she doesn’t like WhatsApp like that]. I’ll update this post should they reply.

So here are the responses boys are getting from their ‘crushes.’

This guy’s own pain me pass


Ow Lord!!

Chale, like 3b3 fa oo but…

She didn’t even download the thing

Gloree thinks your man is drunk


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