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At the mention of what gives one peace of mind, many will say the ability to afford everything one needs but the thing is, there are people who have everything they need but still do not have peace of mind.

In Ghana, it doesn’t matter whether you can afford everything you need or not, there are many other things that can make you go mad and you will never have peace.

Here are 21 things everyone will wish to have to enjoy some peace of mind.

1. No Noise In The Market.

The noise pollution in Ghana is a commodity which you’re forced to buy anytime you step out. A Ghanaian market without noise will be the most peaceful thing every Ghanaian will wish for. This is one thing most people will cherish, walking into a Ghanaian market where everybody is going about their business without disturbing anybody like the mall, wow!! what a luxury it will be.


2. Free Flow Of Traffic.

How do you feel when on Sunday you step out in your car and you can drive all the way to Accra central without staying in traffic for an hour? The relief, relaxation, freedom and gladness in your heart cannot be compared to anything. It makes you feel like you own the world. Now imagine that happening on a busy Monday morning and through the whole week. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

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3. The Freedom To Walk At Night.

The idea that you can walk through the cemetery, a dark alley, the forest etc. at night without having any thoughts of being attacked by anybody is a paradise everyone will wish to have and definitely something that will give you peace of mind.


4. Affordable Prices In The Market.

When you walk into the market and see something you assumed to be like say, ¢50 but the seller tells you it’s ¢20 and another is willing to give it to you for ¢10, how do you feel? And then you realise that any time you walk into the market, prices keep reducing instead of rising. This will definitely give you some peace of mind.


5. Pastors Telling You The Truth.

Religion is something everybody looks up to for that peace of mind because it inspires and motivates you in many ways but these days, it is filled with a lot of charlatans who do not tell the truth and are misleading people and when you find out the truth later, it makes you go mad. A world, where all pastors tell the truth is something that will definitely give you that peace of mind.


6. No Queue To Buy Waakye.

Imagine walking to your favourite waakye joint and finding no queue. You just walk there, buy and leave, isn’t that refreshing and something that will let you have your peace of mind? Waakye queues can be very stressful with all those who buy for their entire generation.

waakye queue


7. No Queue At The Public Toilet.

Remember all the times you had to run to the KVIP and stand in a queue. Even when you feel like letting it out, your heart skips a beat. Now imagine your WC being just a door away from you, what peace of mind. You can walk in anytime to do your own thing without any queue hustle.


8. A Good Wife.

Even the Bible says that he who finds a wife, finds something precious. You will never understand the stress you’ll go through if your wife is troublesome. There is nothing so refreshing like having a woman who understands you and makes your day all the time. It is a precious thing to behold because your peace of mind is guaranteed.

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9. A Very Good WiFi Connection.

Ever seen someone go mad over bad internet connectivity? That’s what the world has brought us to. Internet connection these days is a luxury and the faster it is, the more peaceful you become because when it is slow and you have to get things done and it is not going through, the frustration alone can break you down. The internet speed at NASA we understand is 90GB per second. How does it make you feel? Isn’t that peace of mind? Imagine having that at your disposal.


10. Access To Basic Amenities.

So imagine a Ghana where all the basic amenities are at your disposal without you having to hustle for it, won’t that be peaceful?

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11. Uninterrupted Power Supply.

In Ghana, you pay hefty for power supply and you still don’t get it fully and this can be really frustrating so imagine having power supply 24/7 without any interruptions all your life…omg!! what a relief it will be.


12. Health.

This is one thing everybody needs and will wish they never get sick and will always be strong to enjoy the fruit of their labour. The thought of even having this gives you peace of mind.


13. Ability To Afford All Your Basic Needs.

This is the obvious one everybody will wish to have. You just name it and you’re able to afford it, it makes you relax and sleep soundly.


14. Girlfriends Who Do Not Ask For Mobile Money.

We don’t know what it is with this new trend but every boyfriend wishes their girlfriends will not bother them with mobile money and will have the patience to wait till they decide to give them the money they wish to give them. Guys with such girlfriends have the most peace of mind ever.


15. Responsible And Romantic Boyfriends.

Every girl wishes for a boyfriend who is responsible and romantic, girls with such boyfriends are the happiest ever.


16. Responsible And A Good Husband.

A husband who is responsible and takes care of his family is the husband every woman wishes and is like a precious jewel to their heart. A husband who is irresponsible, beats his wife and cheats on her in the face all the time, is that one too a husband?

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17. Living In Harmony With Neighbours.

Living in a compound house in Ghana and never seeing any fight between neighbours, where everyone helps each other is a luxury we can’t afford and something we all wish for.


18. An Obedient Child.

If you have a child who is troublesome and brings you trouble all the time, you’ll never have peace of mind. And so it is every parent’s dream to have a child who makes them feel good, is calm and obedient.

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19. Trotro Drivers Respecting Road Regulations.

Driving in Ghana is like a highway to hell all because of trotro drivers. The day trotro drivers will obey traffic regulations, that is one of the days Ghanaians will really have peace of mind.


20. Sanity On Our Airwaves.

Our TV and Radio stations really need some sanitization and the day that this will happen is the day we will all have our peace of mind. Some of the things we hear and see on TV can even make your BP rise.

Naa Ashorkor, a radio and TV broadcaster


21. When Politicians Fulfil Their Promises.

The day Ghanaian politicians will fulfil all their promises is the day we will all look up to God and say, when did you come down to earth?

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