Toilet seats are very disgusting, many believe.

This is because it is directly related to sh!t and smelly stuff. Yeah, yeah, yeah … you get it. Disgusting!

But there are everyday stuff which are sickening too but you just don’t know.

Here are all the everyday things which are dirtier than your toilet seat.

1. Mobile Phone.

mobile wallet

Photo: iMore


2. Tablet.


3. Laptop & Computer Keyboard.

Image: Ora HQ


4. Kitchen Sponge.


5. Door Knobs.


6. Kitchen Chopping Board.


7. Money.


8. Restaurant Menus.


9. Toothbrush.

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10. Refrigerator Door Handle.

cleaning fridge

Image: reallifebusywife


11. TV Remote.

remote control

Image: NnGroup


12. Light Switch.

13. Pillow Case.

Image: Dealdey

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