Some foods come in certain ways, for instance, why do mushrooms have gills when they don’t need to breathe underwater? The answer you might get from friends if you ask this questions will be, “who cares?”

Well, we do, and that’s why we’ve taken the time to explain to you why some foods have the appearance they have. Read on.

1. The Holes In Cream Crackers

Noticed there are holes in almost every cream cracker? That is not just for fun, it serves a lot of purposes. They are known as docking holes and they are placed in there to help prevent bubbles from forming while the cracker is being baked. It also reduces the chances of oil filling the middle of the crackers and helps promote better cooking in the middle.


2.The Powder On Chocolates

You’ve probably noticed that after opening some chocolate bars, it seems to be powdered. This is not flour or anything from the factory, it is actually known as chocolate bloom and it is caused by two things, sugar blooms which are normally created by a dry spotted coating and fat blooms which are greasy. This happens when sugar crystals soak up and retain moisture and it happens when it is stored for a long time in humid areas. Fat bloom, on the other hand, is caused by heat and can also be a storage issue.


3. Pineapple Internal Texture And Thorns

Ever wondered why pineapples are thorny on the outside and the internal has the same texture as well? The inside is so because it is a bunch of fruit loops fused together, which is why they break apart easily. It can also be attributed to the way pineapples grow, when they do, they produce numerous flowers within a little space which in turn also produce the same number of fruits. The outside, on the other hand, is thorny because of the wilted flowers on the outside.


4. Red Spot In Eggs

Whenever you see a little red spot in your egg after cracking it open, you should know it is not because it was forming a chicken. That spot is known as the blood or meat spot caused by a ruptured blood vessel during the egg’s formation.


5. Mushroom Gills

Realised at the underside of mushrooms, there is this structure that looks like gills? Well, those do not mean they grow underwater or serve the same purpose as the gills on a fish. While fishes use their gills to breathe underwater, mushroom gills help them spread spores and reproduce. Spores are catapulted from the gills.



6. Doughnut Holes

Doughnuts have holes in them so they could cook evenly during frying. Back in the day, they also used to be stored on sticks by running the stick through the holes.

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