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He goes by the name Mr Rightke on twitter but his real name is Phineas Mwirigi. The guy through his hilarious content and daily doses of memes has won the hearts of many Kenyans On Twitter.

Commonly referred to as “one jacket man” or “Tray ya mayai” he is the talk of many with his day to day growing twitter account under the handle (@mrrightke) now at 283.4K followers.

Born on 19th February 2000 he is a 22yrs old influential Young man who had his birthday celebrated nationally under the hashtag  #MrRightkeAt22 on 19th February.

Despite being on twitter on a daily basis engaging trends and topics, he is a 4th year undergraduate student at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology currently pursuing  Bachelor’s of science in accounting degree. He comes from Meru county hence always referring to himself as “Jabanese”

The guy has been crucial in campaigns concerning human rights on twitter, always championing and advocating to everyone to make world a better place for people to live in. If you are a twitter enthusiast then you clearly remember that last year He was the guy who championed the twitter trend #JusticeForMacrine
and #InsecuritiesInMMUST demanding for justice to be done to a MMUST student by the name Macrine who had been murdered in a cold blood because of what was alleged to be a love circus between her and her lover.

At the same time asking the university to act to Insecurities facing the institution and beef up security around the institution in order to protects the lives of the students. The whole campaign was a success after trending for 2 days on twitter and  the law enforcement department was quick to act by arresting the culprits believed to be involved in the death of the student and also the Institution responded by ensuring there is mandatory security checks around the university.

This is one among many campaigns the guy @mrrightke has participated in advocating for a better society and about lives of university comrades in Kenya.

They say he doesn’t change his magical green jacket, which he occasionally wears every single day. Infact the man ages faster but his jacket doesn’t. Living in Kakamega many there say it’s easy to predict Mr Rightke every day dress code because the green jacket must be there.
His memes are shared nationwide.

Despite this he has a great personality and always ready to impact lives using his Social media platforms.
He prefers to be called the voice of the voiceless that’s him @MrRightke.

He is soon set to appear on one on one interview with our OMGVOICE publication to speak more about his journey on and off twitter. Stay tuned for more about @mrrightke on our next article….


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