You’ll Never Be Successful In America If You Marry A Ghanaian Lady Here – Ghanaian Man Warns

A Ghanaian man in America, David, has warned his countrymen who come to the United States to stay away from Ghanaian women.

According to David, if you date a Ghanaian lady then she would use you to pay off all her debts and eventually divorce you.

marry ghanaian lady in us

Speaking out of experience, David narrated that he dated a Ghanaian woman in America and she used him to pay off her debts.

The lady had student debts of about $60,000 and once you get married and file your taxes together, you are also liable for the loan.

“I met a Ghanaian lady with American passport who had a student loan of about $60,000. So once we get married and become one, we will file for taxes and they will deduct it,” he said.

David, sounding bitter, said he will never advise any Ghanaian man abroad to marry a Ghanaian woman after his ordeal.

“I will never advise anyone who comes here to marry a Ghanaian lady if you want to be successful.

“I tried to be with a Ghanaian. Her demeanour and dreams made me realise that I would not succeed with her. Yeah, I can’t achieve my goals,” he lamented.

David added that another piece of evidence for not dating Ghanaian ladies abroad is that Ghanaians abroad, in general, do not support each other.

Watch him tell his story below…


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