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The Mosque is the place of worship for Muslims and it is considered one of the holiest places in Islam. Its unique features easily let you make it out.

All around the world, we’ve seen images of magnificent Mosques that will definitely entice you to walk in.

Here are 22 absolutely stunning Mosques from around the world.

1. This beautifully decorated Mosque is a must see.

МашаАллах😍 Красивая мечеть🌸 #mosques #cami #mosquee

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2. Such a beauty.


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3. And at night? So beautiful.


4. This is magnificent, absolutely magnificent.


5. Isn’t this just beautiful?


6. The Kul Sharif Mosque, you can’t deny the fact that this is amazing.


7. Talk about beauty and there you have it.

Modern #mosques

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8. A place that makes you feel like God is really speaking to you.


9. Need we say more?


10. Say no more, this is absolutely amazing.


11. An ancient Mosque, still looking strong and beautiful.


12. What a sight to behold.


13. Allahu Akbar.


14. This is a fortress.


15. This is more like a Kingdom.


16. Pure as Gold.


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17. What a beauty to behold.


18. Wonderfully made. 


19. Amazing…


20. You see that? That’s beauty in capital letters.


21. Wonderful…

Blending in. #abudhabi #uae #mosque #sheykhzayedmosque #beautiful #myabudhabi #inabudhabi #instatravel #travelgram

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23. Beautiful…


24. Nice…

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