Struggling To Get A Good Rest? This Easy 8-Minute Trick Will Help You Sleep Like A Baby

Thanks to all the stress from work and otherwise life, sleeping like a baby is a dream only a few people get to live. But are you someone who has a hard time sleeping easily?

Well, a life coach has made sleeping easy for you in less than 10 minutes. Life coach Nick Vitello, who goes by the Instagram handle @getaheadwithnick shared a Navy seal trick that can help you get the best sleep of your life.

how to sleep better

He explained that this is super helpful if you’re super tired, but if you only have eight minutes to sleep.

“Here’s what you do when you’re super tired but you only have eight minutes,” he says, before getting down on the floor and placing his feet on top of the bed.

“Put your feet up on the bed, or on something high, a couch, anything,” he explains. “Set a timer for eight minutes and take the best nap of your life. It’s a Navy SEAL trick and it works.”

Even though the video has a lot of views, most people think they wouldn’t be able to sleep in such a short duration. One person commented:

“My overactive brain would intervene thinking about how I only have eight minutes, does this really work, how does this work.”

While another said:

“My anxiety says ‘eight minutes? If you fall asleep now you’ll get exactly 7:23 of sleep. Oops, missed it. That’s ok you can still get 6:45 of sleep.'”

However, it worked for many others.

Try it out.


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