Being a mum is a huge miracle, but it can also be quite a struggle!

Motherhood does not come with a manual, and most mums just have to learn on the go! Here are a few things every new mum can probably relate to.


1. Not getting enough sleep because your baby won’t stop crying

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2. Not being able to sit down because everything hurts down there


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3. Being confused every single time your baby starts to cry


4. Constantly bursting into tears because you just don’t know what to do


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5. You can’t fit into your old clothes, and your maternity clothes feel ugly

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6. You’re considerably larger than you were before giving birth, so you feel like a whale


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7. The stretch marks keep coming as your tummy starts to shrink



8. You want to have some alone time, but you can’t imagine leaving your baby


9. You smell of breast milk all the damn time


10. The only thing you think of is your baby



11. Between 6 pm and 10pm your baby becomes a wailing, screaming monster, and there’s nothing you can do about it



12. You constantly question your ability to be a mother




13. You have to be conscious of everything you eat, because of the baby




14. Older aunties keep giving you unsolicited advice



15. Your feet refuse to get in line and go back to their pre-baby size

Big feet wearing shoes

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16. You’re jealous of other new mums who have gotten back in shape


17. And you’re jealous of your friends who have no kids because they get to do whatever they like


18. But you wouldn’t trade your munchkin for the world

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