10 Relaxing Things You Can Do When You’re Stressed AF

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Stress is a part of life.

There is nothing one does that doesn’t involve stress. Maybe except playing and spending money. But every other thing is stress galore. Stress can affect one’s quality of life.

Here are some relaxing things to do when you’re stressed af:

1. Intense Stretching

One way to destress is to stretch. And yoga is your best friend when it comes to stretching. Different yoga poses will help with aches and destress you.

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2. Soothing Music

Nothing helps beat stress like some music. It is always advisable to make a playlist of soothing songs that you would use to de-stress and play them whenever you feel overwhelmed.

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3. Sleep

There is no better cure for stress and tiredness than sleep. There is a reason why our bodies crave sleep. Sometimes, all you need to de-stress is a good old nap.

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4. Meditation

Your mind is just as important when it comes to stress. Meditating is another way to get rid of stress. You can follow a guided meditation routine on Youtube or via a podcast. It does wonders for stress.

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5. Go outside and enjoy some greenery

Sometimes, just a change of location can help with your stress levels. Going to a garden where you can enjoy the greenery and some sunshine will help de-stress you and improve your mood.

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6. Exercise

Not only does exercise get you in shape physically, but it also does wonders for stress. Going for a run or brisk walk can dramatically influence how good you feel when you’re stressed.

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7. Watch a funny TV show

Laughter is the best medicine. Laugh out your stress as you watch your favourite TV show or movie. Laughing improves your mood, blood circulation and prevents wrinkles.

8. Hobbies Galore

You can get rid of stress by taking up a hobby. Hobbies keep you grounded and take your attention away from how stress you are.


9. Cooking/Baking

Experts say cooking is a great stress reliever provided you do not see it as a chore. It builds confidence and reduces negative thoughts.


10. Playing with pets

How do pets reduce stress? Playing with pets animal can increase levels of the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin and decrease the production of the stress hormone cortisol. These hormonal changes can help a nervous child feel more relaxed.


What else do you do to de-stress?


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