These days, we hardly see acts of patriotism because the popular quote is, “everyone for himself, God for us all”.

Here are 6 Ghanaians who changed that quote and stood up for Ghana in 2016 in their own small way.

1. Martin Amidu

When everybody developed cold feet for Alfred Agbesi Woyome’s case, he took it upon himself to make sure the right thing is done even though the said man is a cohort of his party.


2. Gary Al-Smith

When CNN decided to tag Ghanaians as beggars in one of their publications, Al-Gary Smith is one of the few people who raised a campaign on social media to force them to take it down.

gary al-smith

Photo: MyjoyOnline


3. John Mahama

There have been many elections in Ghana but this was the first time a sitting president had to concede even before the EC declared the winner and it’s a sign of patriotism on the part of the president because nobody knows what would have happened with the delay from the EC.


4. Fiifi Bentsil

During the elections, you might have realised that the pink sheets were pasted at all the polling stations and copies given to the parties, this was because of the efforts of this man who sued the EC to do that.

gh elections


5. Abu Ramadan

There were speculations the electoral register was bloated with names and this man took it upon himself to sue the EC to get rid of all ghost names in the register. This showed we’ve grown in democracy.


6. Manasseh Azure

Acting as a watchdog and unearthing a lot of bribery and corruption in our society is all we need and that’s the best role Manasseh Azure played in 2016 to the extent he even revealed a bribery and corruption story between the president and a Burkinabe business man.


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