How To Be Single On Valentines Day

Its the best excuse to treat yourself.

We have exactly one month to go before the big day, not exactly enough time to find a proper valentines date if you haven’t already. No worries though, because we’ve got some ideas on how to keep yourself busy all day long (you won’t even notice all the lovesick couples you pass by).

1. Love yourself

Before loving someone else, you need to love yourself first right? Engage in some self care, do a facial at home, give yourself a manicure, or maybe find some toys to play with…wink wink. Whatever it is, do your best enjoy your own company.

single on valentines day

2. Spread love

If you don’t have someone to make you blush, give someone else a reason to smile. Buy candy for your colleagues at work, or give out clothes and anything you don’t need to a charity. Give back in the best way you can, and make someone else’s day.

single on valentines day

3. Treat yourself

That diet you’ve been on that was set as a new years resolution, take a break from that and indulge in some fast food just for Valentines day. You deserve it. If you’re not trying to sabotage your resolutions, opt for a relaxing massage instead.

single on valentines day

4. Or just chill

Valentines will be on a Friday, if all your friends will be out with their baes, chill at home with some comfort food and enjoy a nice movie, after all, its only one day.

single on valentines day


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