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We know girls actually think men are easy to get because we don’t have a preference but trust us, we do.

He might not be showing you signs of interest or responding to your signals because he’s not actually interested. So if you have a crush on this guy and you want to know if he also feels the same, look out for these signs.

 1. No Effort.

If he doesn’t make any effort to get close to you or get back to you, that’s the red flag right there. When a guy meets a girl he really likes, there is no way he will not make an effort to know her more and so when he doesn’t make any effort, then you should know he’s not really interested.

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2. He Is Never Jealous.

Don’t be so proud of a man who is never jealous no matter how many other guys hit on you. Guys are super jealous and protective and so if he seems comfortable and even goes to the extent of hinting you that another guy is checking you out, then you should know he doesn’t like you romantically.

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3. No Special Treatment.

It doesn’t matter how stingy a man is, if he really likes you, he will try to treat you good by buying something for you, give you all the attention you need or giving you a special treat once in a while.



4. “I Have A Girlfriend”.

When you hear this from a guy, that’s the bare fact that he doesn’t like you, because even if a guy has a girlfriend and he likes you, he will never let it out. So when he tells you this, then you should know he is just not into you, it doesn’t mean he’s being faithful.

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5. He’s Just Friendly.

When you’re close and you want a hug and he stretches his hand and acts all friendly without showing any signs of intimacy and stays on the platonic level, then you should know he’s just not into you.

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6. Body Language.

If you watch his body language and he’s not being flirty or openly showing any sign of intimacy, then don’t push it, he’s not interested. When you smile and he doesn’t smile back and he’s always snappy with his answers when you ask him a question and quick to leave, that’s the hint right there.

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7. You Get No Attention.

No matter what you do, if he just doesn’t want to give you attention and he doesn’t even smile at your jokes, then don’t stress yourself.



8. He Fails To Show Up For An Event.

You invite him to an event and he never turns up and gives you a lot of excuses why he couldn’t make it, then you should know he’s not interested.


9. He Avoids You.

This is a clear indication he’s not interested. If he always walks away when you’re close, it means he’s not comfortable with you and might have probably noticed your interest and doesn’t want to lead you on.



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