Actor Michael Agyare Says Men Cannot Live Without Sidechicks, They Help Relationships Stand On Its Feet

Ghanaian actor, Michael Agyare, popularly known as Grandpa, has disclosed why side chicks are important in a man’s life.

He mentioned that a side chick is anyone who makes a marriage or relationship exciting.

Michael Agyare actor

Speaking on Ghana’s adult edutainment show ‘In Bed with Adwen’, Grandpa said,

“In most cases, they don’t end up getting married to them. Side chicks are important in marriages because they help the marriage or relationship stand on its feet and most married women don’t know this.”

He explained that some married women after marriage stop doing the things their partners love, like showing emotions, doing exciting stuff, or complimenting them and some get tired of this, hence getting it from the side chicks.

“The side chicks do this and this is why the men keep going in for them. Our women need to understand that men have feelings too so you need to compliment your husband and make him feel loved always,” he stated.

He emphasized that some women go as far as talking to their men and treating them anyhow, pushing them into the arms of side chicks.

“A married man even confessed to me that his marriage is still successful because of his side chick. If our women don’t want us to keep going in for the side chicks then they should do what is expected of them. Men just love to be pampered,” he advised.


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