Having siblings can be beautiful and sweet growing up. You always feel like there’s someone watching over you.

Here are all the beautiful sibling goals.

1. A shoulder to lean on.

Having a sibling means you’ll have a shoulder to lean on in times of sorrow. They are always there when you need them. The amazing thing is that, no matter what you guys are going through, you’re always there for each other. This goes to both sexes.

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2. A partner in crime.

There’s nothing like having someone to indulge in all your dubious activities. If you have a sibling, you have a partner to indulge in various acts with. If you sneak out, they’ll cover for you and vice versa.

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3. Companionship.

As human beings, having people around us always makes us happy and that’s what siblings do. They are companions who can be relied on at all times. If all else fails, you have them and that’s more than enough.

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4. Someone to borrow clothes from.

If you’re of the same age bracket with your sibling and of the same sex, you’re done. Whatever they have is automatically yours too. As a younger one, you get to wear all their clothes which aren’t fitting anymore.


5. Chatting partner.

There’s nothing like having someone to chat with at the end of the day or while at home. You can talk all the nonsense you want and offload all your sorrows and they’ll be there listening. You can’t have this if you’re an only child.



6. Kokonsa.

There are times you so want to gossip but you have no one and you don’t trust your friends. This is where a sibling comes in. You can talk about all the rumours of this world and do all the gossip you want very confidently without fear or favour.

Image: Mike Ezuruonye/Instagram


7. Playmate.

As kids or even as adults, you always have someone to play with. You’ll never understand this until you find yourself as an only child.

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8. Defends you no matter what.

If you go out and get yourself in trouble, you can always rely on your siblings to defend you. Even if you’re wrong, they’ll defend you to get you out of trouble before probably reprimanding you at home.



9. Someone to share in your success.

When you make it and your sibling calls you up and expresses their congratulations, that’s like nothing in this world, pure gold. Apart from parents and friends, the most important people in our lives are siblings and there’s no joy greater than a sibling being proud of your achievement.

Image: BellaNaija


10. Someone to blame.

You always have someone to blame when you do something bad. If you’re an only child, you have no one to blame when something happens because you’re the only suspect but when you have siblings, you can easily blame them for your “evil” deeds.

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