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Basically, when you mention the rubber band, one use that comes to mind is tying of bundles of money. 

We can, however, tell you that there are various ways the rubber band can be used in the house which will make our lives much easier. Here are 23 of them.

1. Spoon Saver.

Does your spoon keep slipping into the Koko whenever you leave it on the edge of your bowl? Problem solved, just get a rubber band, wrap it around the spoon handle and the rubber band will serve as a saver and your spoon will never slip into your Koko again.


2. Hooking Up Perforated Documents.

Perforated documents are usually held together by a rubber comb but with time, it all falls off or gets broken leaving your documents in a bad shape. There is no need going to get it fixed when you can use a rubber band and an office pin to get it all sorted out. Pull the rubber bands through the perforated holes and hold both ends together with the office pin.


3. Reading A Book.

You’re reading a book or a Bible but unfortunately, you have to go do something and you leave the book to get something else done, it closes up and you have to comb through the whole book just to find the page again. To solve this, just get a rubber band and wrap it around the edge and it will serve as a book marker.


4. Hanger Problems.

Do you have a problem with hanging your lycra tops on your hanger because it slips? Then that’s simple, just wrap a rubber band around the slippery edges of the hanger and it will hold back your lycra top.


5. Eraser

You are doing something with a pencil and you get an error and there is no eraser around but you have rubber bands, simple, just wrap one around your fingertip and use it to wipe the error and you will be amazed at the results.


6. Opening An Airtight Bottle.

Are you having difficulty opening a bottle of jam? Just wrap a rubber band around the lid and it will give you a firm grip making it easy to open.


7. A Lid Gripper.

Do you have problems when you’re cooking and your lid keeps falling off from the cooking utensil because of the pressure from the boiling? Simple, just use a rubber band to hold it down by wrapping one end of the utensil handle and wrapping the other end to the lid handle and do same for the other side and you’re good to go.


8. Painting.

Are you painting and the paint keeps dripping on the floor and you want to avoid that? Just wrap a rubber band around the midsection of the paint can and let it serve as a paint brush scraper.


9. Door Stopper.

You don’t want the door to lock up due to the noise it makes but still want to keep it firmly in place? Just get a rubber band and use it to hold the handle and stretch it over the ledge from the front to the back. This will keep the ledge in place but the door will still shut perfectly.


10. Preventing Ribbons From Unspooling.

You’re probably a tailor or decorator and you have bundles of ribbons you use but because they can’t stick together on their holder, it keeps unspooling, use a rubber band to wrap around them to hold them firmly in place.


11. Unscrewing Things.

You’re trying to unscrew a nut but it’s difficult to unscrew, don’t worry, just put a rubber band over it and unscrew, you will be okay.


12. A Bedsheet Securer.

Okay! So you have a problem with your bedsheet, anytime you wrap it around the mattress, it slips off. Just get a rubber band and wrap it around the edges that are slipping off and you will be fine.


13. Keep A Sliced Apple In Place.

You realised when you slice up apples and you don’t eat them on time, it starts browning, it is because the apple is exposed to air. To prevent the browning, the best thing to do is to hold them in place as if you’ve not even sliced them. To do that, just get a rubber band and hold them in place and it will remain fresh all the time.


14. Your Jeans Are Too Tight.

Your favourite jeans is too tight to the extent you can’t button up at your waist, no problem, loop a rubber band in the button and use it to hold the button in place.


15. Prevent Leakages From Water Hose.

Your water hose is leaking, why buy a new one when you can just wrap a rubber band around it to stop the leakage.


16. Seal Packages At Home.

Now Milo comes in sachets and when you are done cutting it, closing it becomes a problem. The solution is simple, roll it down and use a rubber band to hold it in place.


17. As A Flier Adhesive.

If you want to post a flier on an electric pole, just get an office pin and a rubber band and hook it at both ends and wrap it around the flier in place.


18. Help Keep Your Cutting Board In Place.

Your cutting board keeps slipping on the surface it is on while you cut, just wrap a rubber band around one side of the board and it will serve as a stopper.


19. Broom Binder.

In our homes, we always use a piece of cloth to tie the broom and it is obvious it has proven not to help because the broom is not held tightly in place, the reason why you always have to keep patting the end to keep it in shape while you sweep. To prevent that, why don’t you use a rubber band instead?


20. Keeping Measuring Tapes In Order.

You’re a seamstress or tailor and all the time, your flexible measuring tape is scrambled together. This even makes it break at the end. Why don’t you keep them in order by wrapping a rubber band around it to keep it in place?


21. A Toothbrush Holder.

No need buying all these new toothbrush holders in town, you can just grab a plastic cup and wrap a rubber band around the cup in cross-check function, leaving it in squares and that will create room for all toothbrushes at home.


22. Clothes Binder.

You travelling and having problems with packing because folding up your clothes in order is becoming a problem, just get yourself a rubber band and use it to hold the clothes in place after folding to make your packing easy.


23. Spectacle Saver.

Why allow your spectacles to keep falling off when you can easily wrap a rubber band around the handle to keep them in place.


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