Ghanaians love their partners but there’s something we all lack when it comes to the love making department.

Right after making out, we tend to lose ideas on what to do next. Most guys will go straight off to sleep, others will just leave their partners and go do something else.

If you’re one of those who lack ideas after getting jiggy, below are 8 romantic things for you and your partner.

1. Eat In Bed

You made love, obviously you’ve lost energy. What about eating in each others arms in bed? It doesn’t have to be fufu or ampesi, just some fruits, beverage or pastries will do.

Image: HuffingtonPost


2. Talk

You’re done, lie in each others arms facing each other and just talk. talk about practically anything. Since you’re both in a good mood, it’s the appropriate time to discuss those important issues.

Images: Live ofofo

Images: Live Ofofo


3. Get Touchy Feely

The fact that the deal is done doesn’t mean you’ll have to treat each other like some people with a deadly disease. It’s time to get touchy feely. Feel your partners body whiles he/she also feels yours. Run your hands on each other and compliment where necessary.




4. Just Cuddle

There’s nothing more romantic than cuddling and spooning after s*x. Whiles in each others arms, whisper some sweet nothings into each others ears.

Image: Toat

Image: Toat


5. Share Jokes And Laugh

Tell each other some silly jokes and laugh whiles in each others arms. You can cuddle and do this or you can do this whiles getting touchy feely.



6. Discuss The Future

This is probably the most appropriate time to discuss your future together. Get all the little details about your future plans out in the open right here. Caution though, make sure your relationship is a serious one and you are both on the same page before such discussion. Don’t try this if it’s just a fling or a one night thing.

Image: Toat

Image: Toat


7. Watch A Movie

You don’t have to leave your bed for this. Most people now have TV’s in their bedrooms or a laptop. Watch a romantic movie together. Wouldn’t it be nice watching a romantic movie with your partner right after making out and connecting intimately?




8. Take A Nap Together 

This is one thing that most people can’t run away from. Instead of one sleeping and leaving the other, why not take a nap together? Cuddling and whispering sweet nothings into each others ears can produce this effect.



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