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Every year, millions of plastic bottles are thrown away.

Plastic isn’t bio-degradable. When plastic bottles are thrown away, they can last thousands of years in landfills or oceans. Although recycling is just gaining ground in many African countries, it is still not enough to deal with the plastic waste. Here are a few ways you can reuse empty plastic bottles while saving the environment:

1. Plastic planters

You can turn some of your plastic bottles into planters that would hold flowers, herbs and other plants of your choice. Simply cut the bottle into two, use scissors to smoothen the top of the bottom half of the bottle. Fill it with some soil and seeds. Don’t forget to water your germinating plants.


Image: BudgetDumpster


2. Piggy bank

You need a big plastic bottle, some coloured paper, glue, beads and scissors. Cut out eyes and ears for the plastic bottle. Wrap your coloured paper around it and glue it.  Don’t forget to glue your eyes and ears to the bottle. Glue the cover of the bottle to the bottle. Cut out a small hole on the top where you would put in the money. Glue the beads to the bottle to form its legs.


Image: BudgetDumpster


3. Hanging garden

You would need lots of bottles, scissor, soil, seeds and rope. Cut out the middle top portion of your bottles off.  Use two ropes. One to tie the rope around the neck and the other to tie the bottom of the bottle, leaving the open cut end facing up. Do this for many bottles. Fill the bottles with soil and seeds. Tie the end of the ropes to nails on a wall. And voila, hanging garden.


Image: BudgetDumpster


4. Supply cups

You can turn a plastic bottle into a supply cup that can hold pens, pencils, tooth brushes and more. Cut two bottle into two halves, you’d need the bottom halves. Get a zipper, open it and glue one end to the cut bottom. Do the same for the other one. When you zip it closed, the two halves will form a cool supply case where you can store stuff.


Image: BudgetDumpster


5. Plastic toy cars

If you have any big empty plastic bottle, you can make a toy car for your child. Get 4 extra caps, two long sticks, scissors and glue. Make a hole at the bottom of the bottle, left and right side. Slid the two sturdy sticks in there, make sure they are equal. Glue the caps to the stick ends. You can decorate the car with your child.


Image: BudgetDumpster


6. Charging dock

You can turn your old shampoo bottles into a charging dock for your phone. Use a marker to outline the areas you’d be cutting. The back half should be higher than the front. Cut out a square in the longer back portion. And you have a charging dock.


Image: BudgetDumpster


7. Plastic bottle cap container

Get as many plastic caps as you can. Glue them together in any shape you want, square or circular. You can use the container to store any item of your choice.


Image: BudgetDumpster


8. Storage container

Get a big bottle, cut into half. Paint the bottle half any colour of your choice. You can paint designs on it or use the rest of the bottle to cut out shapes to paste on it. You can now use your new container to store miscellaneous things or even turn it into a planter.


Image: BudgetDumpster