Research Shows That Men Who Wear Popular Designer Labels Cheat

Have you watched the Tinder Swindler on Netflix?

It actually reinforces a new research that discovered men who wear designer clothing with large luxury logos embroidered on them are more likely to cheat, according to a University of Michigan study published in the personality and social psychology bulletin.

Ogopa these men because in Kenya we call them the wash-wash boys.

“Researchers found that males who own polo shirts with larger brand emblems have a higher interest in one-night stands and were “rated higher on mating effort, lower on parental investment.”

Designer watch

The large logo men are also less interested in having long-term and committed romantic relationships than men with smaller logos. It’s not the size of the logo, it’s the motion in the ocean.

The study, led by evolutionary psychologist Daniel Kruger, Ph.D., examined ostentatious clothing with large luxury logos to see if women were more attracted to flashy-dressed men

“because it signals that a man has economic power and the ability to invest in reproduction or their offspring’s future,”

The Science Time reports.

According to the study:

“Men owning shirts with larger luxury brand logos were rated higher on mating effort, lower on parental investment, higher on interest in brief sexual affairs, lower on interest in long-term committed romantic relationships, higher in attractiveness to women for brief sexual affairs, lower in attractiveness to women for long-term committed relationships, and higher in developmental environment unpredictability compared with men owning shirts displaying a smaller logo.

Participants recognized the strategic use of luxury display properties across social contexts but did not consistently associate product properties with owners’ physiological characteristics.”

Source: Mpasho

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