6 Reasons Why You’ll Be Single On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a few weeks from now, and people are rushing to get the perfect gifts for their significant other.

Then there’s YOU! Carrying on with your life, completely ignoring that Valentine’s Day even exists. The term “Valentine’s Day” means absolutely nothing to you.

Here are the reasons why you’ll be single on Valentine’s Day:

1. You’re Too Shy 

It’s the 21st century, and things have changed. Women now propose to men, Guys go with their ladies to the hair saloon, people are more advanced than they were; Everything is just different. Gone are the days where if you like someone, you wait for them to talk to you. You see what you like, Go for it ! Don’t sit down and hope for a miracle, because you might stay single for the rest of your life.


2. You’re Stingy

You may be stingy and too demanding, which would make you single on Valentine’s Day.  In a case where you’re stingy to people around you, no one would even think of asking you out. Valentine’s Day is about gift-sharing, meaning your stingy self would probably get your partner a cold soda, and expect to receive a Benz. Ain’t nobody got time for that


3. Poor Dressing 

Of course Valentine’s Day is a time to chill out with your partner. Some couples have dinner reservations, others have planned meet-ups at malls, restaurants or even gardens. The main idea is to be seen together, but if you dress badly, no one would like to be seen with you. Imagine making dinner reservations, and your partner shows up with over-size ankara wears and a bathroom slippers or, he’s wearing a tattered shirt to the mall. Fix up your dress sense or you just might be alone this Valentine’s Day.


4. You Stink

One thing people feel is not important, but is extremely important is PERFUMES ! People tend to underrate deodorants, perfumes and body sprays, but I’m here to remind you that scent matters. You’re probably single because you have body odor, but there’s a remedy. Visit a supermarket today and get roll-ons and perfumes. Don’t be shy, give it a try !


5. You Don’t Go Out

You don’t want to be single during Valentine’s Day, but you’re locked up in your house watching movies. Where do you expect Prince Charming to meet you? From your laptop? Learn to move out with friends from time to time because that’s the only way you can meet new people and get in contact with potential suitors.


6. You Have Rejected Many Suitors

Are you one to reject a potential partner because he/ she is not perfect? Are you patiently waiting for Prince Charming or Mrs. Right? I’m here to inform you today that we’re all humans, no one is perfect. Everyone has a flaw, just pick a partner that makes you happy and forge ahead.



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