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Blocking is the new fun on social media lately, so at the slightest provocation, the first thing people say is, “I’ll block you oh”.

The question is, what will make someone block another on social media? Read some of the ridiculous reasons below.

1. Unnecessary tagging in photos.

Someone actually blocked 200 people for tagging her in a picture she was not part of. It can actually get annoying we know, because why would you tag me in a picture that has got nothing to do with me?

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2. Parents.

It’s one thing having your dad or mum in your friends list but when things get kinky and they start asking questions or you know you’ll be reprimanded, the only option left is to block them. I mean, who wants his mum or dad knowing about all their “secret” dealings?


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3. Bad makeup.

A lady actually blocked a friend for posting pictures with too much powder on her face. You’re my friend and you need to carry yourself well. You can’t do things that bring disgrace to me. This is reason enough right?

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4. Gossip.

Someone was blocked for gossiping about a co-worker’s wedding. If you can gossip about a co-worker’s wedding on social media, what shows you won’t do same to me when you get the chance? Maybe you’re even doing it already.

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5. Too much “hi”.

There are people who just go on this “hi” routine. They say “hi”, you respond and they come back to say “hi” again. You respond and then they are off, another day they’ll come and say hi again, like seriously who does that? You go chop block simple kraaa.

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6. Politics.

Someone chopped block because he was insulting the vice president. This is not right, why would you insult the Vice president of the land all because of politics? Politics is one major reason behind blocks on social media. Once opinions differ, the blocking feature is quickly activated.


7. Relationships.

So you’re social media friends then one realises you’re dating a guy she used to date, even if you’re not the reason they broke up, the block is right on your head. Some also block you because they are fighting for their friend who has issues with you.

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8. For being abusive.

Some people are just not courteous, they’ll just go around insulting people left, right and center on social media. If I’m your friend on social media, I’ll block you cos I need matured people on my list not kids, I’m no babysitter.


9. To hide statuses from some people.

It gets to a point where you feel some people are misrepresenting you and gossiping about you to others based on what they read on your TL. The easiest solution to this is to prevent them from being able to read or see what you post by blocking them.


10. Hide from someone they owe.

People will block others just because they owe them and they don’t want them to contact them on social media or see the life they’re living.


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11. Religion.

Religion has become a very hot subject matter on social media with those in favour and those who believe it’s a waste of time. This is another reason why people get blocked.

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