There is a reason why a lot of people use online banking now & it has a lot to do with people wanting to avoid banking halls.

And the big question is

But why gif

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And you’re not far from the truth. Here are the reasons we try to avoid banking halls:

1. Queues 

One famous feature of banks here are queues. They’re virtually everywhere, worse in market areas. Then you hear people that come in and say ‘amat your back plis’ and then, they go sit down

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2. Those doors

Some days, the doors have nothing against you but on other days, they’re on some vendetta to make you pull off and be slightly uncomfortable. Ever had to pull off your belt and every iron material before entering the room,  yeah you don’t know the story.


3. Empty water dispensers

This one is totally annoying because why do you have a water dispenser if there’s no water? It’s either there’s no water or there’s no cup to drink the water. Very confusing


4. Poor customer service

Banks actually have very terrible customer service and it’s worse when you visit the banking halls. Imagine visiting a bank with a lot of customers waiting and only two cashiers attending to them. Where are the other people?

Nigerian Banking hall

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5. Waste of time

Ever had to spend more time than expected at a bank? Yeah, same. They can frustrate the living hell out of their customers with the speed at which they work on certain things.

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6. Missing pens

Nobody will steal your pen if you do your transactions from the comfort of your phone or laptop.

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Why else do you hate going to banks? Let us know.

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