Image: Joyce Dzidzor Mensah/Facebook

Publicity stunts are pulled by celebrities all over the world for popularity, fame or to promote something.

In Ghana, celebrities are now getting in on the whole publicity stunt thingy but unfortunately, many of them failed. Here are 13 publicity stunts that went horribly wrong in Ghana.

1. Ada’s Gang Rape Story

Ada is a radio presenter in Ghana and out of the blue there was a distress call from her friends on Facebook asking everybody to help find her because she has been kidnapped. There were even pictures of her on Facebook showing her naked with her kidnappers. The story was later found to be untrue. According to the police after investigations, Ada planned the whole thing herself just to get the attention of her then boyfriend who wanted to break up with her.


2. Dzidzor Mensah HIV/AIDS Brouhaha

This is probably the most convincing one of all. Ms Dzidzor Mensah was appointed an HIV/AIDS ambassador by the Ghana AIDS Commission and she enjoyed that status with its accompanying benefits for years only to turn around one day saying she’s not HIV positive. According to her, she pulled that stunt to create the awareness for the disease. Later on, she came back to say she lied once again. She explained that she denied her HIV status to protect her children.

joyce dzidzor mensahImage: Joyce Dzidzor Mensah/Facebook


3. Daasebre Agyei Dwamena’s Disappearance

During the campaign period, Daasebre Agyei Dwamena, a radio presenter in Kumasi who doubled as a polling agent for the NPP was seen boarding a taxi and that was the last seen or heard of him, prompting a distress call with many claiming he had been kidnapped by members of the NDC or probably killed. Surprisingly, he returned weeks after the election and the only excuse he could give was that he went into hiding to pray for the party and the current president. This stunt which caused confusion in the country has earned the presenter a sack by his employers.

daasebre agyei dwamena

Photo: MyJoyOnline


4. Kaakie Beefing MzVee And Others

Kaakie went silent for some time in the music industry and when she stepped back, the best stunt she could pull was to diss other artists in the game. Unfortunately, it backfired because she definitely didn’t get the response she was expecting and at some point, she had to apologise.

Image: KaakieGh/Instagram


5. Shatta Wale And Samini Beefing

We know most of their fans actually think it is real but it is all a publicity stunt to promote their work but it went horribly wrong when it generated a fight between the fans of both artists who took it very seriously.

image: Samini:Facebook/Shatta:Instagram


6. Wisa Greid Penis Exposure

It was simply a publicity stunt gone horribly wrong. I mean what will make a young budding artiste, show his genitals on stage at a concert? He’s still in court over this issue.


7. Nana Boro’s Car Accident

There was this time news came out that Nana Boroo had been involved in a serious car accident in the United States but we all saw through it. Checks made by the media to various agencies and institutions in America proved that nothing of such had occurred. He later came out to debunk the rumors but we all knew it was a stunt gone wrong.

Nana Boroo/Instagram


8. Delay And Ahuofe Patri Cocoa Brown Beef

It started as an Instagram rant over the name Cocoa Brown which Ahoufe Patri referenced to herself in a post on Instagram. Delay who had earlier used that name responded and it generated into a fight on Instagram with many other celebs picking their side and getting involved. In actual fact, this was a stunt meant to promote Delay’s new TV series, Cocoa Brown but it wasn’t managed well and Ghanaians saw through it.


9. NDC’s Haruna Halidu’s Loose Talk About Ghanaian Female Celebrities

After posting on Facebook that Ghanaian female celebrities above 30 years who are not yet married are prostitutes, he later came out to apologise claiming it was a publicity stunt gone horribly wrong.


10. Reggie Rockstone’s Snoop Dogg Feature

Reggie speculated in his earlier years, that he had a joint with Snoop Dogg. Indeed when the track dropped, you could hear a voice similar to Snoop’s on it. However, years down the line, he confessed that the voice wasn’t Snoop’s voice and that it was all a stunt.


11. The NDC Kalyppo Stunt On Nana Addo

During the campaign period, the flagbearer of the NPP, Nana Akufo-Addo was seen sipping on Kalyppo while waiting in traffic. The NDC campaign team decided to use it as a publicity stunt by teasing the man but this backfired when it was turned into a challenge on social media by the members of the NPP and it ended up rather making Nana Addo and the NPP more popular.

Winners of the Kalyppo Challenge

Photo: Facebook


12. VIP Split

The versatile and dominant Hiplife group split and it was supposed to be a publicity stunt as it later turned out but things went sour for one of the group members and it turned into a real split. The other two went on to form another group, VVIP with Reggie Rockstone.



13. Nadia Buari And Jim Iyke’s Romantic Affair

People took it seriously but it was all a publicity stunt to promote his reality show.

nadia buari and jim iyke

Photo: KessBenFM


14. Becca And Bisa KDei Love Affair

Becca and Bisa gave Ghanaians the impression they were dating but it later turned out to be an act meant to promote their song together. This, however, went on to the extent that Bisa Kdei’s girlfriend got dragged into the whole deal. I will say it didn’t go as planned at all.


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