Prison Break Star Dominic Purcell ‘Confirms’ The Show WILL Be Back For A Sixth Season

Prison Break star Dominic Purcell appeared to confirm the show will return for a sixth season on Tuesday.

The actor, 50, took to Instagram to share a cryptic post in which he responded to rumours he had heard, and claimed Prison Break would return despite previous claims another outing wasn’t in the works.

Dominic shared a picture of himself, as he explained:

‘Rumor number 1. I’m old. Yes. I’m 50…..Rumor number 2. I’m bald. No I have a full head of hair; the people demand I shave it. Rumor number 3, Will season pb 6 happen. Yes…..Rumor number 4. Do I like humans? No. Not on mass. Definitely not.

Prison Break ran for five seasons with the first four airing between 2005 and 2009, before it was revived in 2017 for another outing.


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