Getting pregnant is one of the most difficult times in every woman’s life.

Although the result is amazing, which every woman will need, but the struggles that come with it, is overwhelming. If you’re a woman and you’ve never been pregnant, you may never know this, it is not that easy.

Here are 15 struggles every pregnant woman will have to go through.

1. Picking things from the floor is a whole herculean task on its own.

There is no way you can just bend over to pick it and forget about squatting and so if you should drop something and there is no one around to help pick it up for you and you need to get it back, you sometimes have to sit flat on your ass and after picking, getting up becomes another hell of a task, you’re forced to roll over like a ball just trying to get up.


2. Shaving feels like the world is crushing on you

The easiest way of shaving becomes a whole new ball game. You can’t see down there and even facing the mirror is not that easy. Cutting yourself is a norm.


3. Everybody wants to touch your baby bump

One of the most annoying things you have to endure all the time. Everybody wants to touch your belly when you step out making you act like a kung-fu master trying to prevent people from trying to touch your belly.


4. During sex, your husband actually think they poked the baby

It is difficult getting your husband to make love to you because he actually thinks the baby will die and when you finally get him to do it, it gets to a point he thinks he poked the baby and that ends the whole thing. If only he knew how far the baby.


5. Sleeping face down is out of the question

Forget about lying flat on your belly because it is practically impossible and you’re sometimes forced to lie one side throughout the whole night.

sleeping face down


6. Wearing your shoe is like digging a trench

Wearing a shoe to step out is so difficult it feels like you’re carrying the world. You have to sometimes lie on your back, raise your legs in the air and attempt to put your shoes on. At that moment, you’re the best acrobat ever.


7. You learn to accept stretch marks

It doesn’t matter how much you hate stretch marks, this is the time you look yourself in the mirror and there are so many stretch marks all you can say is, “stretch mark is bae”


8. The washroom becomes your best buddy

Every minute you have to visit the washroom and so wherever you find yourself, you’re always looking out for the nearest washroom.


9. Baby kicks, yes! you have to deal with that

And there are those moments when you least expects it and the baby kicks you so hard, you feel like Lionel Messi just scored a goal in your stomach.


10. OMG!! The Craves

Then comes the time you feel like eating coconut so bad in the night it makes you feel like biting someone.


11. People call you names for being pregnant

And oh! you get all the nicknames there is, “abrewa”, “football”, “obolo”, “madam fluffy” you name it, anything that comes to mind, people want to call you by it.


12. A thousand pillows are still not enough to feel comfortable

Then comes the moment your back hurts so bad you feel like supporting it with all the pillows in the world.


13. Swollen feet and hands

Then there is the swollen feet part you have to deal with all the time and the painful part is when you can’t wear your favourite shoes to step out because your feet won’t fit in.


14. You can’t drink or smoke even if you crave for it

And oh! don’t forget if you crave for a smoke or alcohol, it is out of the question.


15. You get emotional when you see another mother giving birth

And when you watching a movie and scene of a woman giving birth comes on, you get emotional for nothing.

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