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When we say mates in Ghana, we mean bus conductors. They assist drivers by scouting for passengers, announcing stops and collecting fares.

However, there’s something else they do unconsciously, they rename most of our bus stops. See below, various bus stops which have been “renamed” by Ghanaian trotro mates.

1. Circle

Kwame Nkrumah circle is one of the most popular bus stops in the country but unfortunately, the name of the place has been ruined by our mates. Simple circle, they’ve turned it into “serku or serk”, so you will hear them shout, “serk! serk!! serk!!!” or “serku! serku!! serku!!!”

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2. Kaneshie

Kaneshie is actually a Ga word and was first ruined from “kane shi shi” meaning “under the light” to “Kaneshie” but still our mates won’t pronounce it properly although it is in our own language and so you usually hear them shout, “kanezz! kanezz!! kanezz!!!” instead of “Kaneshie”.


3. Aboabo

“Aboabo” is a name of a place in Kumasi and it means “stones” and although this is a Twi word, our mates are still unable to pronounce it properly and have turned it into “abaabu!!”.



4. Teshie

Another Ga word ruined by our mates, the name is actually, “Tee shi shi” meaning “Under The Rock” and has been anglicised to “Teshie” but still our mates have changed it to “Tesh! Tesh!! Tesh!!!”


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5. Accra

Accra is the hub of the capital city and the name is also another place that has been anglicised from “nkran” meaning “soldier ants” and our mates also decided to get their own version of the place and so instead of Accra, they say, “kraa! kraa!! kraa!!!” when they are scouting for passengers.

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6. 37 

There’s a place in the capital city known as “37” named after the military barracks located around that area. Instead of saying, 37, Ghanaian trotro mates have decided to rename the place to “Tee-seben”.



7. Kejetia

Kejetia also happens to be the heart of Kumasi in the Ashanti region and the main bus stop in the town. Unfortunately, this place has been ruined by the mates and so instead of “Kejetia” you’ll hear them say “Kaytia”


8. Odorkor

Unfortunately, “Odorkor” as the place is affectionately called, has been changed to “Orokoo”, thanks to our mates.


9. Toll Gate

To make the name of this place simple to pronounce, our mates decided to name it after a toothpaste and so instead of “Toll Gate”, they say, “Colgate”.

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10. Magazine

Magazine is a place in Kumasi seen as our car manufacturing factory in the town and instead of pronouncing it properly, our mates have resorted to “Maazin” instead of magazine.



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