6 Photos That Prove That Village Love Is The Sweetest

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Ever imagined what relationships in the village are like?

I have had one or two experiences during my Christmas visits to the village though and it’s cool, like taking her to a cool place or strolling alone in a lonely path while holding hands etc so most of us can relate at least

Love in the village is definitely different from what it’s like in the city. Here’s what love in the village looks like.

1. Getting fresh food from your lover

Instead of going to expensive restaurants and eating out, people in the village usually gift fresh food from their farms to their lover from time to time.

love in the village


2. Fetching water from the stream for your lover

This is probably the village equivalent of getting petrol for your girlfriend/boyfriend, except that getting water is way cheaper, and it’s still going to put a huge smile on their face.

love in the village


3. Gisting under the shade of a tree

Imagine how blissful gisting under the shade of a tree and simply enjoying nature without any noises or distractions would be.

love in the village


4. Running errands with your lover

People in the village get to spend quality time with their lovers while running errands, unlike in the city where it would be hard to fit into each other’s schedules.

love in the village


5. Meeting in the village square when there’s a full moon

Kissing under the full moon must be so romantic.

love in the village


6. Visiting your lover any time you want to

There’s no traffic in the village and all the houses are pretty close. So people who live there can either hop on their bicycles or take a walk whenever they miss their lover.

love in the village


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