Growing up in an African home, you have to deal with a lot of things and one of the major ones was your parents lying to you just to keep you in check.

A lot of us strongly believed most of these things till we got enlightened enough to see through their lies which make us wonder if we can really trust them.

Here are 27 beautiful lies our parents told us as kids.


1. The rheum in a dog’s eyes makes it see ghosts and when you put it in your eyes, you will see ghosts too.


2. If you wash your face with the left over water in a mortar, you will see ghosts.


3. If you sit on a mortar and fart, your mother will die or your stomach will bloat till it explodes.



4. If you point at a cemetery, ghosts will visit you at night. You’ll have to bite the tips of all five fingers on the hand you used to point.


5. If you play “ampe” in the night, you’ll get stuck in the skies!


6. If you swallow orange or cocoa seeds, it will germinate in your stomach.


7. When two people think alike, it means someone is gossiping about you.


8. When it’s raining and the sun is also shinning at the same time, then it means a lioness somewhere has given birth.


9. If you whistle at night, ghosts will come visit you.


10. Don’t bath your hair after a haircut or else it won’t grow back.


11. Don’t cut your nails at night else dwarfs will come during the night to collect them.


12. You will get bigger breasts if you allow small ants to bite on them.


13. Drinking of milk after taking cashew will kill you instantly.


14. If you hit someone with a broom, your mother will give birth to a broom.


15. Don’t bath soap to lather in the night else snakes will surround the bathroom and bite you.


16. If you eat with your left hand on the floor, you won’t get satisfied because all the food will go into the ground through your hand.


17. If a lizard falls on you or crawls on your feet, you will get pregnant.


18. When you are removing the feathers from a chicken and you talk, the feathers will grow back.


19. If you mention somebody’s name loudly at night, evil spirits will hear the persons name and start haunting that person.


20. If you spit into fire, you will develope a sore throat.


21. When pregnant you don’t eat eggs else your child will grow to become a thief.


22. When someone is lying down, you don’t walk or jump across them else they’ll turn into snakes.


23. When your palm itches, it means money is coming your way.


24. When a star drops from the sky, it means someone just died.


25. If you are pregnant and almost due, you don’t cross your legs while sitting otherwise the baby will never come.


26.  When you’re pregnant you don’t jump over puddles of water.


27. If you talk about something negative without touching a piece of wood, it’ll come to pass.