11 Old Ghanaian TV Shows Which Had All Of Us Glued To Our TV Sets

They may be over, but these shows will forever be in our hearts. Re-runs, anyone?

1. Things we do for love

Things We Do for Love was about the youth and how they lived their lives and went about things in school and at home, with their parents also coming in their way, trying to put them on track so they don’t go astray. This story featured people like Pusher (Adjetey Anang), Shaker (Majid Michel), Enyonam (Jackie Appiah), etc.

2. Kyekyekule

Kyekyekule was a television series hosted by Uncle George Laing. He and his television crew moved from one school to the other to entertain, educate as well as learn with the children, which was then telecast at a later date. It was shown mostly on Saturdays. Almost every kid in Ghana loved Uncle George.



3. Taxi driver

Taxi driver was a fast pace humorous sitcom that aimed at attracting the lives of ordinary people in society. However, it was focused on TT, a sharp-witted savvy taxi driver. Each episode narrated the dealings of the taxi driver in relation to his passengers, wife and his loud and bombastic owner.

4. Cantata


5. Inspector Bediako

Inspector Bediako was a model detective who struck through thick and thin to bring justice and solve cases at hand. He managed to uncover all lies against all odds in his quest for victory. He was a very iconic figure who all kids could look up to.


6. By the fireside

This show consisted of popular actors like Maame Dokono (Grace Omaboe), Wofa Yaw, Dr. Rokoto and others telling Ananse and folktale stories that were acted out by enthusiastic children with singing and dancing. The show was telecast on Saturday afternoons.

by the fireside

7. Greetings from abroad

Nana Adwoa Awindor was the host of Greetings From Abroad, a TV programme that for the ten years it was on the air, showcased the living conditions and activities of Ghanaians living abroad. It also brought them closer to their families.

8. Key Soap Concert party

Arguably one of the most popular shows to be aired on television, the Key Soap Concert Party helped launch the careers of famous comedians like Nkomode and Bob Okala. Actors, Akrobeto, Agya Koo, Mercy Asiedu, Kyeiwaa, all made their acting debuts on the show.

9. Agoro

‘Agoro’ was a TV game show produced by Charterhouse that aired on GTV on Saturdays. It was hosted by David Dontoh and helped viewers learn about Ghanaian history, culture and social life.

10. Guinness Music For Your Dancing Feet with DJ Poncho

Aired on GTV in the 1990s, it was a popular music show sponsored by Guinness Ghana limited.

11. Thursday theatre

The series introduced to us some distinguished characters who told the Ghanaian story with a touch of dexterity and a sense of pride. Augustine Abbey, better known as Idikoko, and other producers contributed immensely to sustain the art. I have good memories of some of the episodes and relish them with excitement. And those were the moments when the Ghana movie industry was booming.


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